March 3, 2013

Kaffee und Kuchen

I mentioned last week here about our first attempt at cheesecake and my plans to buy a proper springform pan. This weekend we had a few friends over for kaffee und kuchen (coffee and cake; more on this in a moment!) and we made cheesecake again, this time using the proper pan. It turned out even more delish and creamy than the last one. So, so good. And our friends loved it as well - and those Germans are not easy to please! We're probably going to experiment with more flavours now, but I'm so glad I can have my cheesecakes now because while Germans do great cakes, they just don't do good cheesecakes. And I think Umair and I make a good cheesecake team. :)

So what is kaffee und kuchen, you ask? Literally translated  it's coffee and cake. Kuchen = cake and initially I used to keep mixing the word with two other similar words; kochen and kuche.
kuchen = cake. kochen = cook. kuche = kitchen.

Anyway,  the k&k time is comparable to the English culture of tea time. Every afternoon between 2 and 4, Germans take a break from their daily activities, get together with friends, colleagues or family and have coffee and cake. Mostly, they meet at cafes, but you can also invite people to your place. Much like the Pakistani culture of 'chai' invites! These Germans really love their coffee and cake break. And yes, it doesn't matter whether your work space is piled up with things to do, you still take a break from it all and go have k&k! The German cakes are not very heavy or sweet and they don't use frosting on their cakes. There is a French Canadian couple who recently moved to Munich; and we also invited them over yesterday. They were just a tad bit confused wondering why we invited them specifically for 'coffee and cake'! ;) Once good weather rolls in, we'll be doing it more often in cafes hopefully. Speaking of good weather - seems like spring is here in Munich! Next week is supposed to be sunny with nice temperatures ranging from 9 degrees to 15 degrees! Today was a gorgeous Sunday with sun, very generously, smiling down at us; so we went out for a late breakfast and took a walk around English Gardens. It was buzzing with walkers and runners. Remember what I said in my last post about my new found love for being able to take walks everywhere? Well, more walk-time coming soon! 

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