February 19, 2013

The Year That Was (part 1)

I know it's already almost the end of February of the new year but I cannot help but think back and reflect on the year that was 2012. For some, it was just one of those routine years. For others, it was the year they reached a milestone; graduated, got a new job, got married, had a baby. For some, this year opened up doors to wonderful possibilities and opportunities. For others, it was a year with the looming fear of the world ending! For me, 2012 was the year of leaving behind familiarities, walking into the unknown, embracing new opportunities, learning a tiny bit more about the world. Three major things that happened in 2012 for me:

  • Got rid of my glasses
  • Got married
  • Moved to Germany

After wearing glasses for as long as I can remember, I finally parted ways with them earlier in 2012! Getting laser eye surgery was probably the most impulsive decision I have ever made. I did not spare even 5 minutes to really think about it! It was the beginning of March and work was slow. I was looking up various wedding related things online when I thought to myself - how awesome would it be if I didn't have to always either wear glasses or contacts? And that very second, I emailed my fiance asking him how he went about his laser eye surgery. He told me the place he got it done. I called them right then and there, asked them the cost + procedure; they said they needed me to come do a free consulting session. I figured why not? I told them I was getting married in June and I needed this done ASAP. So that very week, I got my free consultation, and the doctor booked me for surgery which was to take place in a week and half. Crazy!! I didn't even know the procedure for laser eye. I had no clue what they do, or what the side effects are. I just knew I liked the sound of no glasses. And I knew if I looked too much into it, I'd chicken out. It probably doesn't sound smart but yes, one of the biggest decisions of my life - that too concerning the precious eyes - was made out of the blue, 3 months before my wedding, just because work was slow that day. And I do think it's one of the bravest things I've done in my life. Now, I know for most people laser eye isn't a big deal, but if you know me then you'll know that I'm a bit of a chicken! I start crying real tears at the sight of cockroaches and I run far far away from dogs, even those little fluffy guys. I was terrified the day of, I even told my dad to drive back once we got there. And I cursed myself for not thinking this through. I also started panicking about whether I'll be able to wear eye makeup for my wedding. But I went through with it. It was a quick, pain-free process. However, there were post-surgery hassles to deal with! Multiple drops at multiple times of the day, sleeping with sunglasses on, no water in the eyes and a few more. Not to forget, every time I would like in the mirror, my bruised eyes would freak me out. In the end though, I am really glad I took that step! It took me some time to adjust to the fact that I did not have glasses sitting on my nose anymore. And It just feels so great to not fumble around for glasses first thing in the morning. Sometimes, in life, some decisions need to be impulsive! Maybe not ones that deal with your eyes though.

The other two bullets were of course much more bigger, life changing events of my life. I feel like this is getting too long, so they will follow in part two of the year that was. 

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  1. Haha, my decision to get eye surgery was pretty impulsive too but I'm glad I did :)